Thursday, March 29, 2012

So a friend had commented about our decision to buy a house and had thought we weren't going to settle down because of our hearts for Missions. I thought I would share a bit on all that. But it is a big subject that I, someone who draws out a conversation and can never leave out the details (which I may forget some and add more later). If you have ever had a face-to-face conversation with me or read have one of my school papers (*cough, cough, Shauna Hall), then you will understand. Unlike school, I can grade my posts and can give myself the freedom to jabber on and on, haha.

SO.... Missions.

Yes! We would love to go and serve! Africa maybe. Or Haiti. Somewhere with disaster relief needs or... okay, we don't know "where" yet, but thats just because the Lord has yet to reveal this to us. But you see, Zach's school cost about $$k, and I haven't finished school yet. We believe that we will one day serve somewhere with Zach as a pilot and me... not too sure about this yet either. I was planning on going to school to get a major in education and a minor in missions so that I could be a missionary teacher. This was my plan until the Lord took my peace away in the summer of 2006 just before I was about to start my freshman year of college. It was a few months later that we found out that my mom was sick, and it was in her last 6 months that the Lord put Zach and I in each other's lives and we developed a close friendship. March 17th was the 5th anniversary of Mom going to be with Jesus, and March 21st was the 5 year anniversary of Zach's and my courtship. (There are more details in those 6 months prior to our courtship, as well as of our courtship and engagement, but that will be another blog.)

Zach and I don't think we are ready for the mission field beyond our current setting. We understand this not just financially (cause $ is nothing when God calls us to something), but we know that our mission field that is before us now is our family: Levi and Elias. We want to grow as parents for each of our children. God has entrusted these sweet little creations to us and we want to pour into them, learn from them, and we know that some lessons we could learn for the mission field aren't taught by those who have gone before us and shared from their experiences, but from the opportunities right in front of us. If Zach and I get to go serve with our kids, I want to be their teacher. I believe it is my calling to teach my children. I knew the Lord had gifted me with the ability to work with children. I thought maybe I was to be a school teacher, but for now I am a young mom and I know my responsibility is to them first.They are my privilege. I know I do not need a teacher's license to homeschool, but on the mission field, I likely will. And maybe I can teach other kids too. Or maybe I will do other things... but I need to seek the Lord on this more and wait for His answer.

Okay so I do want to share a little about how we are sure the Lord has missions for us some day in the future. One word: AVIATION. Pretty simple. Zach had grown up in the church and he grew up loving airplanes. It wasn't until high school that Zach fell in love with Jesus on a mission trip he took to the Bahamas. He researched how he could use his love of planes and his heart for missions that the Lord had given him. He found MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship). MAF had a list of recommended schools and on that list was LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. Zach knew this was what he was to do. He went to the community college back in MI to save some money (and since his mom taught art, he was blessed with free tuition) and it was during this time that he found me. We fell in love. He went to school in TX for a year ('07/'08). He came home and we got married (6/21/08). We moved to TX for him to finish school ('08-'10). Levi was born (11/6/09). Zach graduated (12/10). We moved to Idaho for Zach to work as a pilot/mechanic (2/11-present). And guess what is here in Nampa? MAF! Will we serve with MAF? Maybe not. There are a lot of aviation mission organizations. BUT we believe there are no coincidences. Our God ordains life's fun events :)

SO, we know we need to be out of debt. I want to finish school and not have to take out any more loans. And we have been given the opportunity to buy a home and put our money into mortgage and build equity rather than in rent. This home is an investment into our present- our family; but also into our future so that when we know the "when" answer about missions, then we can sell it all and go!

I probably should have written this a long time ago so that we could have more of our friends praying with and for us. I will try to be better at this.

Last but not least, Elias Marck is 4 months and weighs 13lbs 12oz. He is our chunker. Levi and Elias are best friends already and it melts my heart to see them together. Levi loves to play with his "my bruder". They make each other laugh! Levi not only shares his toys with Elias (I am always finding Elias buried under Levi's cars and airplanes or stuffed animals) but he also comforts him when he is crying. So sweet. If you are a parent, you understand. If you aren't, one day you will.

Levi and Elias (3 months)

Elias and Levi (4months)

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  1. So sweet Faith!

    Brad and I are also thinking/praying through buying a house. It's such a nebulous thing to wade through!

    Excited to see what God will do with you and Zach and the boys!