Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!! 2012

This is a quick recap of what the year 2011 looked like for the Soles family:

In January Zach interviewed with Valley Air Photos in Caldwell, ID. We said good bye to our beloved LeTourneau and Texas friends and February 21st was his first day at Valey Air, beginning a quite busy year. He worked as a camera operator and mechanic, and he flew whenever possible to build flight time. March 19th we discovered we would become a family of four. We found a new church family through The Pursuit Boise as well as great fellowship with LeTourneau friends who are part the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) family here in Boise. In May- June Faith spent a month in Michigan to help her dad move, but mostly to spend some good time with family and friends as Zach was pretty much always on the road (or in the air) with work. Levi turned 2 on November 6th and then on the 21st he became a big brother to Elias Marck. In an effort to somewhat keep a mission perspective and not become too comfortable here in the states, Faith began cloth diapering Levi this August and is also CDing Elias now. Grandma and Grandpa Soles came out to visit us for Thanksgiving- okay, so they really came to meet Elias. And Grandpa Becklund, Uncle Ian and Great-Grandma Carole came out to spend Christmas with us.

We don't know what adventure is in store for us for 2012, but we eagerly welcome each new day knowing that the Lord has gone before us. We do know however that Zach will be flying a great deal more this year, mostly in the V-Tail Bonanza. Missions is still a desire of ours, yet for now until we know when, where, and how, we want to become the best missionaries we can be as parents to our two handsome boys. We want this year to serve the Lord who has been very gracious to us and our growing love for each other is a great testimony of His even greater love for us.

We love you all and thank you for all your love, prayers, and encouragement.
Blessings to you in 2012!
Zach, Faith, Levi and Elias Soles
*Isaiah 52:7, Romans 10:15

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  1. Special ammendment:
    Uncle Kyle and Aunt Sacy came to visit after Thanksgiving and met Elias when he was just 5 days old. He won't remember, but Levi probably will especially because they brought him some really cool airplanes and a farm puzzle! Yeah, he is a spoiled little boy, loved by many, but we are trying to teach him humility and how to share love with others. We must be doing a good job because he is a wonderful brother, usually says please and thank you, but he is 2 and we are all learning what that means ( a lot of "NO!").