Sunday, July 10, 2011

It has been quite a while since we have updated our story. So this may be a bit long.

Since moving to Idaho, we have found a wonderful church, The Pursuit of Boise, and family with our Life Group. We have been blessed to make some good friends and to really feel like this is our home here in Nampa, ID. We aren't sure how long we will be here for this part of our pilgrimage as our main goal is to not get too comfortable but to also grow in being a Christ-centered family and try to be financially wise and responsible so that we can jump into the next calling God has for this little family. Well, maybe not so little... March 19th Zach and I found out that Levi J was going to be a "big brother", making our family size of 4 as of sometime around November 19th, 2011. We are certainly excited!!! It was a little scary at first, as some surprises are, because our plans hadn't panned out like we were trying, but God answered our prayers and we are continually trusting Him to provide for our needs. June 23rd we found out that our expected child is a "little brother"! Elias Marck (for our dads Marc Soles and Mark Becklund). So today I am 21 weeks.

Zach's job was slow at the beginning. Praise the Lord! for He allowed us time to adjust to our new home and life in Idaho. But now we are in the busy summer season where he is gone if not for days at a time for long days and early mornings. He is quite exhausted, but we are very proud of him!
He came home one day in mid-May and told me that within the next week he would be leaving for probably a month. So I decided to buy a plane ticket that night to go help my dad in Michigan with packing up his house in preparation to move. Zach left on My 17th, I left on May 22nd, and a month later Levi and I returned on June 22nd.
Levi with Great-Grammy and Great-Papa Soles- their first meeting:)
 It was a wonderful visit in Michigan with both sides of the family. We totally saw God work out the details as Levi and I flew in late Sunday night and the next day traveled with the Soles family to Detroit for the funeral of our Aunt Colleen. Unfortunate circumstances, but a nice time for us to visit and meet relatives.

Levi and Grandma Therese at the reception following the funeral memorial ceremony.

Levi with Great Grandma Lyons

On the days when Grandma Therese was off work Levi would go over to spend time with her (and I would try to be productive at Dad's). He absolutely loved it! Well he may have had a few hard times, but only because he is a baby still and missed his mommy. But Levi loved the horses, the fishies, and of course Miss Angel